woensdag, augustus 18, 2004

Gespierde taal 

SF-auteur, wiskundige en computerwetenschapper Rudi Rucker, als gastblogger te vinden in de marge van boingboing:

Before virtually every American presidential election, I’ve heard people say, “If so and so wins, I’m leaving the country.” But they never do. The only time my friends eve remigrated was during the Viet Nam war, a time when the hive mind was undertaking the wholesale slaughter of a generation. But most of the time, for most of us, things aren’t bad enough to make emigration seem reasonable.

If the election is stolen again in Fall, 2004, the answer could be armed revolution, not emigration. If the Bush faction tries to retain power, a significant number of people may feel compelled to go to D.C. and fight in the streets until the tyrant is deposed. However long it takes, however dearly it costs. Would it be worth it?

Hopefully he'll lose the election by too great a margin to fudge. But for that to happen, we have to vote. The popular vote margin matters, if not in the electoral college, then in the hearts and minds of our oppressed populace. If the margin were big enough, the house of cards could collapse.

Maar op een of andere manier zie ik wiskundig aangelegen science-fiction schrijvers nog niet de wapens opnemen.

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